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25Ah Battery
Jose lopez
Spare parts

Great to have a company that has spare parts available when you need it thank you

OUTSTORM MAXX Folding OFF-ROAD Electric Scooter

Off-Road tire (one pc)
Reynaldo Esquivel III

Off-Road tire (one pc)

Beast of a scoot

Let me start off with this scoot is a beast in many aspects. I’ve had this scoot for just abt five months. I have had a lot of issues however they where resolved and I couldn’t be happier.
When I got this it was sketchy due to the high speeds and my lack of experience. But I quickly got used to it and I took this thing everywhere. I live in Ohio so when I say I beat the hell outta this thing I mean it’s been through hell. The roads are potholes up and I took it off road through gravel, on dirt bike paths and through water.
In fact speaking of water it was basically submerged in water and I had to open the deck and drain it out. It did fuck it up a bit at first. But soon letting it all dry out and putting it all back in this beast fired rite back up and worked better than before.
Before it got water in it though I did have to replace the rear motor from the winter weather rust that was caused inside the motor. I’m not entirely sure if it was due to that but if I had to guess the winter weather here definitely had a part due to the salt on the roads and wet weather.
When the scoot had all these issues customer service went above and beyond to make it rite with me. They sent me replacement parts at absolutely no cost to me. I couldn’t have asked for more cooperation with this company.
However the breaks are a different story on this thing. They charge way too much and their a bitch to replace. I currently only have back breaks rite now.
Another issue I had is both fenders broke off from being plastic. Then the metal back footrest completely broke off. Again it the winter weather here in Ohio may have had a part in that rusting off but doubt it
I will say though even after the issues I had I will still give this scoot a 10/10. Hands down. Buy this beast with assurance. It’s durable and reliable, as long as you don’t beat the shit out of it like I did.

Amazing product!

The people at OutStorm have outdone themselves with this scooter. It's scary fast and can carry a heavy person with ease. My first ride was so much fun but was cut short by a flat tire. It's a high price but worth every penny.


Shipping was a month and my buddy waited 2 months. Very stressfull but when received very happy. This thing Jams!!

Great Scooter

My wife and I purchased each our own scooters. They are well made and durable.

Lots of fun on two wheels!

After a short time learning the Outstorm, I buzz around in my cellar waiting for the winter to end so I can have fun outdoors. It is a solid build machine and the quality is exceptional. My husband got one too and he really likes his as well.

The product was everything it was advertised to be.
So far we love it

Absolutely in love with my board

I'm a veteran tattoo artist in the state of Florida, I received mine by a good friend in the navy purchaced it and brought to me as payment for some tattoos ,me not having a DL for a very long time, this is my main form of transportation, I live in a small town so I can get around the whole town at ease, evrything about it is awesome, I have only found 1 issue that really does bother me, there is no way to tighten the suspension, anything under 20 mph is OK but pass 20 it just starts wobbling side to side , 8 need stiffer suspension, asides from that , u won't regret ur purchace ,, from DannyDieHard @ the HouseOfPain, 2021

Amazing scooter

The scooter took some time to come in but customer support responded pretty fast and gave me an eta when I asked for one now that I have it it’s amazing I have only rode it a little so I don’t know how it handles wear and tear yet but feels like a really well built product

Great product

The scooter took some time to come in but customer support responded pretty fast and gave me an eta when I asked for one now that I have it it’s amazing I have only rode it a little so I don’t know how it handles wear and tear yet but feels like a really well built product

2 years and still standing

I have had my houses for over 2 years and thousands of miles on this thing. It doesn’t have the pep like it used to and battery life is shorter but I have gotten more than my money’s worth. Tons of fun to be had on this board and now I’m going to upgrade the board with bigger motors and battery. I’m also getting a 4wd model since I’m leveling up

Very Satisfied customer

This store was very helpful, legit, and their product is quality at its best…

Out Storm Maxx 2020 Miles later

I've owned three other brands of scooters before this one but The OSM scooter is the best scooter i ever had. In my experience, the OSM is a very reliable & capable scooter in all terrain, short and FAR distances but on lower gear/speed. How long the battery last depends on many factors such the quality/health condition of your battery, rider weight, terrain smoothness, hill inclines/declines, wind force against you. I'm 6'6 195lbs. In perfect conditions (when my scooter wasn't new) I use to get 55 miles an hour as advertised but after 2,020 miles of riding, I can still hit near 50 but the voltage does drop to the low 40s after some riding. With a NEW scooter you should be able to ride for HOURS (on low speed) and you will have no range anxiety about the battery dying leaving you stranded. If you ride your scooter with care & RESPECT meaning if you ride it like in a 2021 Mercedes Benz S65 you will have the scooter for a very long time without any problems because the scooter is super well-built & durable. The only problem you will run into are occasional Flats and brake pad wear and tear. For a more comfortable ride, order an over size extra wide bike seat approx. 12 to 13in wide with optional gel covering from Amazon. You only need to add mirrors an additional bike lights if you want and a snack bag. I will also note that this scooter is a BEAST and it means str8 BUSINESS when on its highest gear/speed ESPECIALLY so if you're a light weight rider. You will feel like you're on a Rion95 scooter. Overall, I love this scooter and can't wait until i can save up enough to buy a brand new one with a higher amp/hr battery option. Currently using 26amp. Wish I could afford 35.5 or .8 amp/hr for more range. Compared to other super expensive high end scooters like dualtron models, this one is a great value option. The only dislike I really have about the scooter is that I don't have any support or any electric scooter shop I can take it to if anything significant goes wrong with the scooter. I would literally have to learn how to be my own mechanic for the scooter inwhich I would rather I just wanna ride and let someone else fix it. But I'll def buy it again and recommend this scooter.

Powerful machine that is a head turner

I'm 6'9" 300lbs and this little machine will pull me up old back country roads. I use it for rockhounding, it really increases my range.

Brake light for MAXX

Brake light

Amazing scooter 👏

Very good quality scooter And I love it I've had my outstore Max pro for about one month now and I've already put 400 miles on it with no problem I absolutely love this scooter and everybody who looks at me loves this scooter too I really encourage everybody to try to buy lower end or end scooters that outstorm offers

Great scooter for the price.

2k is fair for this. Great at the campsite and the seat is a great have.


I really love this board, I have had one since April of 2019 now. But no where on the internet or YouTube can I find any video reviews on this board or how to do maintenance on it. Mine has something trapped in the motor compartment and I have no idea how to remove it. I enjoy riding very much but it sounds terrible having a constant rattle. I didn’t buy it from this website. I purchased mine from Amazon. The posting disappeared shortly after my purchase was made and the seller never responded to my concerns in the past. As of right now I am attempting to open the motor myself since the warranty is past due. If possible it would be nice to get a how to on motor maintenance or information on where to get a replacement motor.

Charger (X4)
David Titus

Charger (X4)

Outstorm rear controller

The controller I bought works great. I just don't know why the original went out only in a few months. I really didn't looked into the warranty, but should have because the controller really costs a lot... anyway works fine

Brake light for MAXX
Jason Williams

Brake light

Son muy buenas pero compre una pero las tímosamente mela chocaron y seme está haciendo difícil en contrar esta pieza si alguien. Sabe porfa. Ayuda. En donde la puedo encontrar

Very reliable and powerful machine