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Absolutely in love!

I own multiple ebikes and this is my first time tryin an e scooter. I wanted a quality one so after doing research I found Outstorm to be the best for me! It was delivered in only a week! I’m super happy with it! Much much faster than my ebikes and much more range for sure! It’s super eye catching and everyone is tryin to get one lol!


Super easy to control and operate! Customer support are easy to work with too!

Outstorm maxx

Great scooter

1600w Rear Motor
Ben Ramirez
Good entry level motor

As a 1st time owner of the 1600 motor, I found it to be adequate and responsive and providing plenty of speed and torque. Easy to work on if you had to repair or exchange the hub. The OUTSTORM costumer service has been excellent and very helpful and supportive when I had to replace my rear motor. They exceeded my expectations. Got my scooter back on the road and enjoying it every time I ride it. This company is spot on and offers excellent service and electric scooters. Can’t wait to get my next scooter from them.

Rear brake
thanks to outstorm life seems easier

It is very good I recommend it excellent

very good costumer service ❤️

great costumer service

My new hauler

I have a 4 acres backyard and I bought this because it has tons of power for hauling! I attached a wheelbarrow to it and I now haul my heavy firewoods and logs from my forest to my backyard. It makes the job much easier and faster than hauling it with my Johndeere riding mower as I can move very fast with the scooter compared to my slow johndeere lol!

Also my little son loves to sit inside the wheelbarrow and I cruise with him around the backyard. I even tried putting two adults weighing a total of 350lbs and I can drag them so easily lol! This scooter is amazing! It can propably haul up to 1000lbs in this wheelbarrow without any issues! Loving it and no issues so far!

A company that stand behind their products

I was gonna buy different scooter but was worried about the customer support and warranty since its a $2k + product. My friend told me to only buy outstorm cuz he experineced a great customer support from them. So I decided to buy it and honestly I'm not disappoinnted! First of all the scooter is amazing and is super fast! Second of all I'm so happy with the support guys as they answer my questions quickly and troubleshoot any issue I encounter very quicky! Definitely recommending this to ppl and friends!


I was gonna buy the maxx but found this more attractive and had to finance it. This scooter is super sexy and is faaaaast!

Very happy with my upgrade!

This is propably the best looking scooter I have ever seen in the market so far besides WEPED SST! It looks similar to the WEPED but half the cost!

I owned MAXX PLUS 2 for 2 years but decided to sell it last month to buy Tond when it came out. I got to admit, this is nothing compared to the MAXX! This thing got the craziest tourqe I have ever experinced! These 12kw motors are crazzzzy!! Also, range on Tond is much better i guess because this one has tesla cells they say? I get stopped all the time by ppl asking me questions about it. This thing is SCARY fast. At 55mph i get so scared and slow down quickly! I'm trying to hit the 65MPH speed but I’m just too scared honestly! Especially cuz I ride without a seat. But make sure to NOT RIDE IT WITHOUT HELMET AND FULL GEAR! I treat it like a motorcycle!

David Caniglia

I have not received it yet it says it will be here tomorrow

Inner tire works great!

It took a little long to receive parts, but they are quality for sure. Thanks


The product was shipped Quickley and the quality was perfect.

The Future of Transportation

Where do I start! My cousin purchased the pro 3 a couple years ago and I was able to try it out. Now if you have never been on a hyper scooter before, get ready! It's an immediate adrenalin rush! I finally purchased a pro 3 for myself and it was delivered 1 week ahead of schedule. Everything was put together perfect nothing was rubbing or making noise. She is solid! We plan on taking them on over night camping trips and utilizing solar chargers if possible. I recommend treating it like a motorcycle and wear the proper gear. If I had one complaint it would be they don't include the dampener. You need that if you want to ride it above 30mph or you'll get the death wobbles. For the Money this is the strongest, fastest, almost as advertised scooter with the best customer service in USA.

Jesse Cosme

The chargers I just got work fantastic, really fast charging. 💪👍

Stem (USED)
Eric Morris

Haven't installed it sure could use a video or something to see how to disconnect the wires to replace the stem


I love the tires. And this scooter is amazing

I like it and it has good construction

It is a hit

OUTSTORM [MAXX] Folding OFF-ROAD Electric Scooter

Amazing scooter! I use it daily for my city travel and quicker errands. Its 3 option speed modes provide a great selection of speeds. The off-road scooter is ideal for the Philly roads that aren’t always the best conditions. However, if you’re looking for a light scooter to fold and carry, maybe seek a lower level Outstorm. The Max folding off-road is far too heavy for daily lifting.

We got two

my wife and I decided to buy these after tons of research on google and YT and we are very happy with the purchase!

Love it but......

Maxx pro is amazing scooter and everthing but the only thing is why it doesn't come with steering damper ? I don't feel safe at 50mph as i feel like im not stable! I had to spend an extra 100 bucks on a damper when it should've came with the scooter for free

Great scooter

I’ve had this since 2020 and it still runs great starting to loose some top end speed at this point to be expected as the batteries are starting to get tired but overall no problems well built


I got the maxx plus and this thing got a lot of power so I contacted the company asking to change the settings to a lower power and they said to use the single motor instead of two motors and to put the gear on 1 instead of 3 and this worked out perfect as I'm a bit old for power like that haha. But I love the range on it and the capability of handling all my weight and my groceries. I highly recommend it for your daily commute to the store or school or even ur job if it's 20 or 30 miles away from home

950+ Miles and still going!

Owned this amazing scooter for little over a month and already put around 1000 miles on it lol. I do uber eat and this works for me great! I just don't ride in the snow cuz i don't want to slip and crash as I got the street tires on this thing not the offroad tires. I might want to swap back to offroad and try it and see if it performs well in the winter and will update the review!

High tech mechine!

Having a blast with this machine. The frame, suspension and motors easily handles my 250lb weight. I love the ability to lower the settings for brand new riders.