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Carmelo B.


Blue Display

I love that I was able to just plug the display in and get back to riding. One thing I wish I would've known though was that the colored display wasn't going to work for my scooter, so it's pretty much just a spare part sitting in bubble wrap still. I didn't feel like trying to file for an RMA, but other than that the display works perfectly. One thing I would suggest is to try and get the trigger for the throttle to be the same as the colorful displays trigger, it's much smoother, and would be easier to feather in speed. As always though I appreciate the fast help, and the scooter is still rocking 3 years strong.

Outstanding scooter!

I moved up from a Splach Titan 10 scooter that was no slouch, but my Maxx Pro Plus is simply awesome. Lots of power but easy to manage.
I added the steering damper and the street tires as I’m commuting with it and it is PERFECT! I highly recommend this scooter.

Michael B.

The charger was sent back. Our post office messed up I need a refund to reorder.

Kyle M.
made my tond look much cooler!

I love this seat! It really adds a more sharp look to the scooter!

Works for me

perfect conditions. making my ride smooth again!

Sara L.
battery is amazing!

had to replace my 3 year old battery with this one and is working great. has much more range than my older one

Rides in the snow like nothing!

We live in Michigan and we get tons of snow here in December. Was hesitant to try it so I asked Outstorm if it’s okay to ride in the snow and they said yes absolutely I can so I jumped on that thing and went through almost a foot of snow in my long driveway for almost 1/4 mile to get my mail and back and it did perfect! This is really really an awesome machine!!! I’m very impressed!

What a beautiful vehicle!

I’m an old man and this scooter makes me feel young again every time I ride it haha it hauls my 300lbs butt like a champ! I will post a video of this on here and on my YouTube channel soon!

Brake disc
Scott R.
Missing parts. It was corrected quickly.

I had a missing item. They sent it out quickly.

The absolute only alternative to Segway

We can’t believe we found another scooter that operates just like the real Segway! There’s almost no difference between the actual $7k Segway and this one! Super smooth operation and fantastic ride! We are in love with it! Thank you Outstorm for making such a great product!

The only company to buy scooters from!

There’s no reviews on this on YT but I decided to buy it since I already own an outstorm scooter (the maxx)and I only trust this company when it comes to escooters as they are the best out there with the customer support! I got my maxx replaced once along with free accessories and parts that they sent me during my 3 year ownership. The tond is much heaver and much stronger than the old maxx. This thing has at least double the range and torque of my old maxx. I’m truly happy with my investment!

Adrenaline rush!

The scooter is super fast! Helmet is a must! Much thanks to the support team especially Adam for helping me pick the right scooter!


This is my first scooter, I went all in and im not mad about it at all. With about 60 miles in less then a week.
I could say I made the right choice. This thing is great and handles every well.


The tond is a head turner everywhere I go people ask me about it. I love it awesome power and speed and battery life is pretty good I would recommend outstorm scooters if you are looking for one!!

Straight as an arrow at hi speeds > 30mph

I now have a good piece of mind knowing that my scooter will steer straight when I accelerate > 30 mph after installing my steering damper. A must have for a safer ride when you feel the need for speed!

Have fun

Just want to have fun


I bought this scooter in hopes that it would schlep my a55 up and down the hills in California's gold country! I dig relics from the long lost California gold camps and this scooter has changed the game.. I slap my metal detector in my backpack and hit the trails. I'm 260lb and this scooter has no problem jamming up steep dirt roads and trails. I would suggest getting some locktite on some of the screws though if you are gonna hard-core off road it. A++ I'm in love with this scooter and I'm probably gonna pick another one up for my girl.

Fantastic scooter!

Got the MAXX PRO Plus 1 and it’s a super powerful! Can’t imagine the 3 lol! Scooter was arrived with flat inner. Contacted the support and they sent me a whole new offroad tire and two inners! Loving the experience so far!

Tires are great!

Have not installed them yet, but look great and am sure they will preform good too.

Steering Damper

Brake pads
Andrew G.
Brake pads for a phenomenal machine

Brake pads are good scooter is awesome phenomenal

Absolutely in love!

I own multiple ebikes and this is my first time tryin an e scooter. I wanted a quality one so after doing research I found Outstorm to be the best for me! It was delivered in only a week! I’m super happy with it! Much much faster than my ebikes and much more range for sure! It’s super eye catching and everyone is tryin to get one lol!


Super easy to control and operate! Customer support are easy to work with too!

Outstorm maxx

Great scooter