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I got the maxx plus and this thing got a lot of power so I contacted the company asking to change the settings to a lower power and they said to use the single motor instead of two motors and to put the gear on 1 instead of 3 and this worked out perfect as I'm a bit old for power like that haha. But I love the range on it and the capability of handling all my weight and my groceries. I highly recommend it for your daily commute to the store or school or even ur job if it's 20 or 30 miles away from home

950+ Miles and still going!

Owned this amazing scooter for little over a month and already put around 1000 miles on it lol. I do uber eat and this works for me great! I just don't ride in the snow cuz i don't want to slip and crash as I got the street tires on this thing not the offroad tires. I might want to swap back to offroad and try it and see if it performs well in the winter and will update the review!

Awesome upgrade

This thing made an amazing difference in the fun riding I wish I could have bought a model that came with it in the first place it is amazingly more fun riding now

Super impressed!!

I have the Max Pro Plus 9000 w and I'm still in awe every time I get on this thing. It's ridiculously quick, and has hella torque. Honestly I was a little skeptical about the whole thing in the beginning. You know the whole not having a customer service phone number not very many YouTube videos what not. But I am super happy that I made this investment. The customer service team has been extremely helpful. A big high five to the outstorm team for doing such a great job. Now I'm going to have to invest in a steering stabilizer. So I can really see what this scooter can do! Thanks again

Colorful Display
Vertis Lott
Back and riding

I order a replacement display and it works perfect as soon as I attach the part, I was moving like new again you have to order it directly from outstorm. If you try to order it from Amazon or anyone else, it will not work with the scooter.

Husband and I feeling young again!

These things make us feel young again! We are so in love with them! We bought two and we ride them together in the near by parks and around the house. They are so cool!

Maxx pro for life!

I'm falling in love with my new baby everyday! I live downtown LA and a scooter is must for me here. I'm now thinking of actually selling my car because I barley used it since i got the scooter :D

Super cool!

This beauty is making my life so much better and easier. I take it with me everywhere. Support team solved an issue i had with my display the same day. I'M DEFINITELY A HAPPY CUSTOMER!

Outstorm maxx scooter top one

It is one of the best scooters I ride by far fast and Abel to get time place that I though only car could get me to As soon as I can I am going for the bigger one that has more distance and good amount speed as well just hold on when you ride with no seat lol it will take to for a rollercoaster ride lol

Can I upgrade?

Is there anyway I can trade mine for maxx pro 3?


I'm used to riding uber scooters here in LA so I got this beast and it exceeded my expectations! I needed something that can carry my fat ass lol I weigh 290lbs and this thing can climb uphill like a boss! Had it for a almost a month and i'm lovin it!

Works great for big properties

With 18 acres of land I needed this scooter to get to my pole barn easily without having to take my car every time! I also enjoy this much more than my car. Balancing is tricky in the beginning but it only took me about an hour to get used to it.

Paul Villano
Great customer service and product!

Great customer service , great battery love the scooter is really fast and this company went above and beyond for me when I reached out regarding an issue ! They went out of their way to make sure I would be satisfied and I’m very grateful !


Literally one of the best investments I've made so far! had it for around 6 months and just hit a 1000 miles on the odometer. I Had to replace the inner tires about 2 times but that's about it. Might need to replace the brake pads soon tho.

Awesome for my short trips

It does the job for me. Saves me money and time for my short trips.


The acceleration on this thing blows my mind! It takes off like 0 to 50mph in almost 10 secs! You must wear a helmet otherwise it's too dangerous for you. I try to only ride it at 20 to 25mph only.

Great hwlp

Needed controller's and a wiring harness to a few emails and a video but git the eight parts with great help from the staff ro get it right. All back together and running good. Thanks for all your help 🙏 👍

too fast for me!

Lol I raced a little Toyota car yesterday how fast this thing go! I really really like it. It was a gift from my dad for my birthday and I can't be any happier! I'm using it to go to work which is 15 miles away from my house and I get lots of compliments everyday from the customers at the gas station

deflective scooter

I'm very mad! I received my scooter today after waiting 12 days and the battery is dead. It's not working at all. I tried charging it and nothing! I need to return it asap!

Hi William,

We are extremely sorry to hear that! This issue is possibly coming from the chargers or the battery. Even though we test all of our scooters before shipping them out but unfortunately, sometimes during shipping and handling the package gets dropped or flipped so many times causing a damage in some internal parts of the scooter.

But no worries I have just emailed you a prepaid label and processed an expedited replacement scooter for you and you should receive it in 3-4 days this time. Thank you

Perfect fit

It was easy and straight forward on replacing the tire I'm glad there are replacement parts for this scooter thank you very much .

Steering Damper
Jeff louie
Awesome! Easy to install. Video available.

A must for outstorm scooters. Should be added .

This scooter is fantastic and has amazing weight rating

I am very pleased with my Scooter. The minor issues I did have with the controller settings Outstorm support was amazing with response to help me remedy them very quickly with detailed default settings information. The pick up and go for me being a larger rider is amazing I couldn’t believe that I could get it up to 57 mph being right at the higher end of its weight capacity I have two neighbors wanting to buy them now also. This is a fantastic ride the only thing I would do is before they ship if you plan to ride mostly on improved surfaces is to talk to them about getting street tires instead of the off-road tires. That is just a choice not a big deal they make a light amount of noise driving on pavement over street tires. This is an amazing all around ride.

How do I adjust the P settings???????

Why the hell you don't put the p settings on your website??? Why do I need to keep emailing you about it? That's so annoying!!!

Hi Daniel,

I have just emailed you the P-Settings Pdf. We don't have it on our website because we don't want the buyers to mess with the settings and cause an issues with the scooter. The p-settings must stay default with the same numbers. The only settings you need to change is the KMH to MPH which can be found on P02 (Change the 0 to 1 to get to mph). Thank you

Best scoot I've owned

I live on a 13 acre farm and need to get from one end to the other quickly and over hilly turf. I added my own carry bag and 2 water bottle holders so I have what I need wherever I'm at on the farm.
Some of the hills are very steep and I use the dual motors to get up and over and it does it with ease. I love all the lights, turn signals and the horn. The lights are super bright, the deck light is fun. The horn is loud! I've had two generations of electric scoots and this one by far has the most power. The back up on this scoot is amazing, no more pushing 100 plus pounds to turn is so smooth. Nice touch having a cushiony seat and shocks to absorb all the terrain shifts, bumps and potholes. The battery life is amazing. All around great scoot. Only thing I would change is making the computers U.S. compatible . . .I don't know how fast I'm going or how far I've traveled.

Best thing I've ever got for myself!

I love this thing! I live 5 miles away from work in the suburbs of long island ny and I was able to get to work on time if not earlier! This thing is going to save me gas!