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Amazing scooter 👏

Very good quality scooter And I love it I've had my outstore Max pro for about one month now and I've already put 400 miles on it with no problem I absolutely love this scooter and everybody who looks at me loves this scooter too I really encourage everybody to try to buy lower end or end scooters that outstorm offers

Great scooter for the price.

2k is fair for this. Great at the campsite and the seat is a great have.


I really love this board, I have had one since April of 2019 now. But no where on the internet or YouTube can I find any video reviews on this board or how to do maintenance on it. Mine has something trapped in the motor compartment and I have no idea how to remove it. I enjoy riding very much but it sounds terrible having a constant rattle. I didn’t buy it from this website. I purchased mine from Amazon. The posting disappeared shortly after my purchase was made and the seller never responded to my concerns in the past. As of right now I am attempting to open the motor myself since the warranty is past due. If possible it would be nice to get a how to on motor maintenance or information on where to get a replacement motor.

Son muy buenas pero compre una pero las tímosamente mela chocaron y seme está haciendo difícil en contrar esta pieza si alguien. Sabe porfa. Ayuda. En donde la puedo encontrar

Very reliable and powerful machine

Maxx is the beast! Bought two!

originally I was looking for a simple scooter to get around when I travel. I ended up going a little overboard 😁 these scooters are so fast! I've had them for a couple months now and the only thing I had to do to them is change the brake pads! I did change the tires one one of them to street. I like to mod cars.. im at that point where I want to know if there's anything I can do to make them a little faster😁 Eventually I'm going to buy a dual tron Bronco or a Rion. For now I would like to know if there is anything I can tweek🤙🙏


Tops at 54mph for me easy!

perfect for old folks

I owned the x4 for 2 years and still running like a champ! I work at a huge warehouse and the president was thinking of getting the segway x2 SE. I recommended him to get the outstorm x4 instead as it cost a fraction of the segway and so he contracted Outstorm and ordered 28 units of it. Outstorm company were awesome and provided us with a pretty decent discount. Since then, the warehouse has significantly improved visibility and efficiency.

Wow! BEAST!!!

This scooter is a true beast! It climbs hills like a champ! Long range and high speed! I take it everywhere!

I'm in love with the scooter BUT i didn't recieve my seat!

Great customer service.When I received the scooter,the product was great,everything was fine,the only thing was that they forgot to send the seat.But they quickly replied to my message and sent me the seat and extra inner tires for my pro.

happy with this purchase.

I bought this to commute to work each day (14-15 mile). It has been wonderful. My children even love to take it out and ride it around town. My only wish for this product is that when it is charging it would have an automatic shutoff when the battery was full so that the battery would be overcharged. Otherwise, I am so happy with this purchase.

MAXX PRO Is Crazy Cool!

I bought two maxx pro in 2020 .But recently,my brakes did not work and the fender were severely scratched.I contacted outstorm customer service and they provided me discount codes to order another fender and send me a brake pad for free, and show me how to replace it through video, thank you guys.

OUTSTORM X4 Self Balancing scooter 4000w (Black)
Gliding Revolution, Austin Segway Tours
extremely impressed by the performance

We do segways tours here in Austin downtown. Our segways (i2 SE model) have been breaking down in the recent months and we’re not getting any support or parts from the segway company because they have stopped producing them. So we decided to look elsewhere for a similar product. We found outstorm website and couldn’t believe how cheap they cost compared to the i2 segway! We decided to get a sample first, tested it for a month and we were extremely impressed by the performance and the power the scooter had! So we ordered a total of 18 units of the outstorms. It took about 45 days to get them as they didn’t have stock in their warehouse in the USA. We owned the scooters for a couple months now and no issues at all. Outstorm has been fantastic! They respond quickly and support us whenever we need them. My hat’s off to a company who stands behind their brand, Outstorm!

Never before had such a great experience

I got this self-balancing scooter because I wanted something safe and of good quality for mom. It was also $100 off! lolz. I wasn't disappointed. The build is very sturdy and not cheap and plasticky. The large tires allow for it to traverse most terrain. The lights on the front and back of this scream quality. It was worth it spending a little more for a scooter that has safety and quality. Recommend

scooter’s quality!

Is this SEGWAY?? Wow! So amazed by the scooter’s quality! I have rode many segways before on tours and i can tell you from experience that there’s absolutely NO DIFFERENCE!! I bought it off amazon as a gift for my dad’s birthday. My dad is loving it! He rides it daily everywhere. We had to install a seat on it because my dad has some knee issues. So far we had it for 4 months with no problems. The only issue we had was one tail light suddenly stopped working. We contacted the seller and he overnighted the part for us and sent a video instruction for the installation. Customer service is outstanding!


This is so fast and built like a tank get you one

Pro Really Solid Machine

Finally got my outstorm.It did not let me down.I am very satisfied with the customer service.They provided help and kept reporting the progress of delivery to me.They are nice and friendly. Now I can start enjoying the ride.

Best Bang for the Buck Hands Down is nice.The speed is almost the same as an electric motorcycle,or even faster.It is quite heavy about 100lbs.I guess it can be placed inside my car when it's folding.Shock absorber is very stable when i was riding it,tires are really tough stable,too. The dual motor mode is faster than the single motor mode,brakes are very sensitive,i got very well brake feedback especially at high speed even if it's on downhill roads.

Great product so far no issues. Seems well built. Great support.

Machining and construction seems very well built. Assembly was easy. I would have liked to had an extra fuse, but that's ok. I'll pick one up from pep boys or O'Reilly. Not a problem. I calibrated the platform and just rode it in my driveway. I am not new to segway as the company I use to work for had them for traveling the warehouse. So for me. There was no real learning curve. I did not look close to see if the battery is user replaceable. The sellers support is just outstanding and answered all my questions so far promptly and professionally.

What it's Like to communicate with OUTSTORM

Its so nice to talk with you. I'm always thrilled with people who respond so very quickly and take care of business. Wish I'd been able to get right back to you. In the time it took to get back to my friend Curtis Lemmons and a friend visiting from New Zealand were able to straighten the tubing and correct the problem but not without damaging the surface of the tubing. He is satisficed but I want it perfect and would be grateful if you would let me cover the cost of repair. Let me know what you need money wise And I'll send it PayPal or what ever. The cost is no worry. Anyway to more important thoughts. The friend visiting from New Zealand is an aircraft mechanic , commercial pilot and great friend. We are all pilots who have built experimental aircraft , Curt has built 2 and I have built one experimental and 2 ultralight planes and our New Zealand friend has built a number of them and restored a number of really neat old planes. Anyway my purpose in saying this is to let you know that if we are impressed with a piece of technology we learn to love it ! That's why we love the Outstorm . Our friend from New Zealand who is a very accomplished pilot who I admire had not ridden a self balancing machine absolutely had a gas on Curtis's Outstorm and thinks he will have to get a couple for he and his wife. The Outstorms large wheels make it so neat. At Curtis's ranch we've had great fun. Any way let me know what you need for the repair parts and let me know how to get the money to you. Great fun talking to you and hope we help promote your fun product. With my problems walking and recent cardiovascular surgery the Outstorm is Very Very I must say inspirational to be able to move like the wind !!

Logan Paul with OUTSTORM

I got this scooter for Logan Paul and he's having a blast with it!

Outstorm Outstanding!

Upon the arrival of our first off-road Outstorm, we purchased a second! Shipping was 4 to 6 weeks. The Outstorm’s came packaged extremely well with handles on the side of the boxes for easy pick up. We ordered our first Outstorm in December of 2020 and our second in February 2021. The two Outstorm’s are slightly different. See fender bars in picture. So far so good! We are having so much fun, exploring our town in a new way!!

Amazing Company and Product

My weight is 197 IB.
Mobile GPS test results:
Maximum speed (flat road): 52MPH
Maximum speed (hill roads): 48MPH

Battery life:about 25 Miles a day,and 55% of the battery left (I use dual drive mode for half of the time of riding)

I think that according to my weight,it should be as far as about 40-45 Miles,no problem at all.

This thing is the boss

This thing is the boss. I am enjoying riding it all around the neighborhood and it's awesome fun, especially in the summer. The most amazing part was how easy it was to learn, I have no prior experience with these scooters

Only con: it's a little heavy, so if you were planning to use it in a commute that involves carrying it for part of the way, don't count on that.

no more subway for me!

The city where I live usually get stuck if you drive a car, and the distance I need to go to work every day is about 20 Miles.
Now I don’t need to take the bus or subway anymore!